Sewer Rate Increase

On August 24, 2021 Council approved a sewer rate increase.  This fact sheet is intended to answer some frequently asked questions related to the sewer rate increase.

Q:  Why are the rates going up?
A:  The largest portion of the rate increase will be spent on upgrades to the sewer treatment plant.  The Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board (HARSB), the owner of the treatment plant, has been mandated by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to make upgrades to the existing system to meet new water quality standards for the water discharged from the treatment plant.  The City of Hayden’s share of the financial burden to complete the Phase II work for this project will be approximately $9.5 million.  If the new water quality standards are not met in a timely manner, the fine will be $36,500 per day, or about $1 million per month.

Q:  What are the new rates?

A:  The new base rate structure is shown below.  This base rate is used for residences; commercial accounts may have a multiplier assigned. 

 2019       $91.00 bi-monthly,   $45.50 monthly   ($84 sewer fee + $7 lawsuit surcharge)

2020       $98.00 bi-monthly,   $49.00 monthly   ($91 sewer fee + $7 lawsuit surcharge)

2021       $105.00 bi-monthly, $52.50 monthly   ($98 sewer fee + $7 lawsuit surcharge)

2022       $110.00 bi-monthly, $55.00 monthly   ($103 sewer fee + $7 lawsuit surcharge)

2023       $115.00 bi-monthly, $57.50 monthly   ($108 sewer fee + $7 lawsuit surcharge)

2024       $116.00 bi-monthly, $58.00 monthly   ($116 sewer fee, no lawsuit surcharge)

The City Council approved the first year of the proposed changes at a Public Hearing on August 13, 2019 and approved the second year at a Public Hearing on August 11, 2020. Each year, the Council will revisit the proposed changes with tentative increases over the next four years.  Increases are proposed to occur on September 15th each year.

 Q:  What if I have pre-paid my account?
A:  Credits will be processed at the new rate, which means your credit will be depleted faster than at the old rate.  Please double check your balance to avoid late fees.

Q:  Will funds be used for expansion of the system for new users?
A:  No.  System expansion is paid for by capitalization fees collected when building permits for new construction are issued.  For further explanation see City Sewer Funds Explained.  More information can be found here.