Message from the Mayor

Mayor Steven J. Griffitts
Mayor's message from the Fall-Winter 2018 Newsletter:

As summer is leaving us, I want to apologize to each of you for the smoky days and  the  loss  of  our priceless summer weather.  My hope is that we will enjoy a beautiful fall (of course the Mayor has no influence on the weather, but we can wish!)This newsletter includes vital information associated  with the proposed base budget increase. The council and myself have spent more than a year analyzing and planning so that each citizen might be able to make an informed decision. Our next Town Hall Meeting will be October 9th at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers. The proposed base budget increase will require each annual budget to specifically address law enforcement and road maintenance. I hope you will find the information on pages 6 and 7 helpful as you prepare for the November 6th election. If you have questions the staff at City Hall are happy to take your calls and make sure you have all the information you need regarding the base budget increase. Our  focus  as  your  servants,  is  to  allow you,  the  citizens,  to  enjoy  the  opportunities  that  abound  in  Hayden.

I  wish to thank our professional staff and local supporters for the amazing activities we enjoyed over the past few months.

1) Hayden Days had record participation at all levels. From food, to cars, to entertainment to vendors....it was an astounding success.

2) Summer concert series (despite smoke and heat) was well-attended and fun for all.

3) The movie night was also a big hit. We had over 200 people attend “Moana”.

4)  Baseball,  soccer  and  flag  football  have  been growing to capacity. Over 700 of you have been a part of these activities over the past few months.

5)  Hayden  Triathlon  was  hugely  successful.  Over  250 brave souls made this experience wonderful.

The   coming   months   are   rich   with   wonderful   opportunities to celebrate and remember. I hope to see you at the Veterans Day celebration or Hayden Lights, or both in the coming months. Looking   at   the   winning   submissions   for   the   photography  contest  I  realize  how  special  Hayden  is. I am thankful for each of you in our community. We are richly blessed.

Mayor Steven J. Griffitts