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It's just a dream unless there's a plan.
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Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Festival!

You can view the display boards and feedback by clicking here.

We received great feedback from over 100 attendees. For a hard copy, visit City Hall or contact 208-772-4411/ImagineHayden@CityofHaydenID.us.

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The City of Hayden has started a city-wide planning effort as we update four key plans:Comprehensive Plan-Public Involvement Image

  • Comprehensive (Land Use) Plan
    • The Comprehensive Plan guides the City by laying out a vision supported by broad goals and detailed policies. The Plan also includes a future land-use map and gives recommendations for maximum future residential densities, which helps to guide development.
  • Parks Plan
    • The Parks Plan assesses the City’s existing recreation system and recommends improvements to the park system as population increases.
  • Sewer Master Plan
    • The Sewer Master Plan assess the City’s existing sewer collections system and recommends improvements to the system to keep up with demand.
  • Transportation Plan
    • The Transportation Plan evaluates the transportation system to identify roadways, intersections, and non-motorized facilities that need improvement now or as population increases. 

Throughout this effort, we want to hear from YOU - the citizens, business owners, and visionaries in the City. Public involvement will be ongoing throughout the process with most of the input opportunities in fall and early winter 2019. Look to this page and the City's Facebook page for opportunities to provide feedback and help shape the City's future.


The current city master plans, including the Comprehensive Plan (2008), Parks Plan (2007), Sewer Plan (2012) and Transportation Plan (2013), are out of date. With the primary purpose of the plans being to effectively guide land-use, community vision and financial decisions, it is vital to update them. Completing the four plans in tandem provides a unique opportunity to seamlessly fit them together in a proactive way that represents current and future needs of the evolving City and population.


Look to this project website for progress updates, links to surveys and mapping, and notices for upcoming meetings.
A Community Festival, an open house opportunity to share your ideas for Hayden and each of the four plans, will be held in fall/winter 2019 and will be partnered with a public survey as the two key ways to provide input.

Your involvement will help shape a future for Hayden that represents the interests of its people. We look forward to hearing your insights!

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The Transportation Plan is currently underway. Traffic counts were taken in May throughout the City. You may have noticed cameras set up at key intersections. The Comprehensive Plan and public involvement processes began in June. The Sewer Plan and Parks Plan will begin later this summer. Our goal is to complete the planning process by summer 2020.