Hayden Comprehensive Plan

When the City of Hayden Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005 it was with the understanding that it was a living document; and there would be changes in vision that would need to be reflected within the document. In 2007, the City Council approved changes to the Comprehensive Plan to include the following:

  • Redefining residential densities
  • Extending commercial/industrial corridor north from Lancaster Road on US 95
  • Extending commercial/industrial corridor along Lancaster Road west from Atlas Road
  • Changing SE corner of Lancaster Road and Huetter Road to light industrial
  • Extending commercial area west of Atlas Road to Huetter Road
  • Commercial area on NE corner of Prairie Avenue & Huetter Road

In 2008, the Comprehensive Plan was updated to include an amendment to Section IV-A; a replacement of maps regarding the Future Transportation System and the Future Bicycle Path Network, to reflect the approved Transportation Strategic Plan adopted in September of 2007; and the addition of a map representing the Huetter Road Corridor Right of Way Preservation requirements.

All in all, the Comprehensive Plan establishes goals and policies intended to guide land use, development, and provision of public services within the City, consistent with the community's vision. The document provides information on the process for developing the Comprehensive Plan (Section I); information on current conditions in the City, including demographics, public facilities and infrastructure (Section II); goals and policies to guide development within the City (Section III); and future land use maps and an implementation plan that provides the City with an "agenda for action" (Section IV).

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