Hayden Standard Drawings

PDFTable of Contents
PDFStandard Drawings (entire document - large PDF)
     PDFS-001 Manhole
     PDFS-002 Thickened Collar
     PDFS-003 Sewer Line Service Line Type A & B
     PDFS-004 Drop Manhole
     PDFS-005 Sewer Service Line Type C (Preferred)
     PDFS-006 Oil/Water Separators
     PDFS-007 Sewer Clean-Out
     PDFS-008 Force Main Bypass
     PDFS-009 Force Main Isolation Valve
     PDFS-012 Typical Yard Hydrant
     PDFS-019 Tree Planting Detail Ball & Burlap Trees
     PDFS-020 Tree Planting Detail Bare Root
     PDFS-021 Tree Planting Detail Containerized Trees
     PDFSD-001 Typical Grassy Swale with Drywell Detail
     PDFSD-002 Check Dam
SD-002 Check DamSD-002 Check Dam
     PDFSD-003 Drainage Curb Cut
     PDFSD-004 Type 1 Catch Basin and Grate
     PDFSD-005 Sidewalk Underdrain Cast in Place
     PDFSD-006 Sidewalk Underdrain Precast
     PDFSD-007 Sidewalk Underdrain Separated from Curb
     PDFST-001 Standard Curb and Gutter
     PDFST-002 Standard Straight Curb
     PDFST-003 Concrete Edge
     PDFST-004 Rolled Curb and Gutter
     PDFST-005 Median Curb and Gutter
     PDFST-006 Valley Gutter
     PDFST-007 Sidewalk
     PDFST-008 Parallel Pedestrian Ramp
     PDFST-009 Double Perpendicular Pedestrian Ramp
     PDFST-010 Single Perpendicular Pedestrian Ramp
     PDFST-011 Type 1 Driveway Approach without Planter 
     PDFST-012 Type 1A Driveway Approach
     PDFST-013 Type 2 Driveway Approach
     PDFST-014 Type 3 Driveway Approach No Sidewalk
     PDFST-015 Cul-de-sac
     PDFST-016 Survey Monument
     PDFST-017 Paved Non-Curbed Residential Approach
     PDFST-018 Type II Street Frontage]
     PDFST-100 Roadway Geometric Design Requirements
     PDFST-101 Typical Section PA
     PDFST-102 Typical Section A1
     PDFST-103 Typical Section A2
     PDFST-104 Typical Section A3
     PDFST-105 Typical Section AC1
     PDFST-106 Typical Section AC2
     PDFST-107 Typical Section C1
     PDFST-108 Typical Section C2
     PDFST-109 Typical Section Residential Private Street
     PDFST-110 Typical Section Commercial/Industrial Private Street
     PDFST-111 Typical Section Local Street
     PDFST-111A Typical Section Local Street
     PDFST-112 Typical Section for Private Alleys
     PDFST-113 Class 1 Path
     PDFST-114 Class 1 Path Transition
     PDFT-001 Typical Trench
     PDFTC-001 Street Sign Placement
     PDFTC-002 Street Name Sign
     PDFTC-003 Removable Bollard
     PDFTC-004 Pavement Markings
     PDFTC-005 Typical Turn Pocket Striping
     PDFTC-006 Parking Lot Marking Standards
     PDFTC-007 Class III Terminus Barricade
     PDFTC-008 Class II Terminus Barricade
PDFConstruction Improvement Agreement Templates
PDFMaster Development Agreement Template
PDFPre-Construction Meeting Document Template