Online Payments / Bill Pay

If you currently use the internet to pay your bill AND you are using a PC running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will no longer be able to pay your bill online after January 23, 2022.  Our third-party payment provider, Invoice Cloud, is ending support for those operating systems.

Invoice Cloud is not alone in making this change. These operating systems are long out of support from Microsoft and should not be used for sensitive activity like making payments.  The recommended action is to upgrade your computer operating system and/or web browser.  Please contact technical support for your PC for help in how to accomplish this.

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Phone payments also available 24/7 by dialing (844)600-8940.

Bills for sewer service are mailed on the 16th of every odd month. (i.e.  January, March, May, etc.)
  • If you are signed up for paperless statements and have not received one, please check your email's junk/spam folders.
  • To retrieve a copy of your sewer statement visit www.invoicecloud.com/haydenid.

Customers can conveniently view and pay bills online and make a payment with credit/debit card or e-check. Additional features include the ability to enroll in paperless billing, set up automatic payments, securely store payment information and receive email and text (optional) reminders. Creating an account is recommended to take advantage of all the features, but registration is not required to simply view and pay bills. Here are more highlights:

  • Schedule payments for the same day or a future date
  • Go Paperless – get your bills via email
  • Save time with automatic payment options:
    • AutoPay – automatically pay the invoice amount on the due date
    • Recurring Scheduled Payments – set up a schedule to pay a fixed amount or the invoice balance on a specific day of the month
  • Receive email reminders when your bill is ready, when a scheduled payment is pending and a confirmation after making a payment
  • Pay by Text – get text notifications about your bill and have the option to pay through text message with your default payment method (sign up when making an online payment or within your account)


What are some of the benefits of receiving my bill electronically?

  • It is convenient, saves time and allows you to receive bills anywhere at any time. Plus, it helps the environment.

If I sign up to Go Paperless, how will I receive my bills?

  • You will receive an email notification each time a new bill is ready for you to view and pay. Email notifications go to the email address used when you registered. A courtesy email address may be added if you wish to send notifications to an additional email address.

What are some of the benefits of paying a bill online?

  • Paying online with a credit/debit card or electronic check gives you the flexibility to pay how and when you want. It saves you the trouble from writing and mailing a check or driving by our office. In addition, for a faster payment experience, you may choose to store your information for future use.

 Will I receive a confirmation email that my bill has been paid?

  • Yes, you will receive a confirmation email.

Do I need to register to pay a bill?

  • No, registration is not required for One Time Payments. However, by registering you’ll be able to view prior history, set up automatic payments and store payment information, if desired.

What forms of payment can I use?

  • You can pay with credit or debit card or you may issue an electronic check from your bank account (checking or savings).

Will I be able to print a copy of my bill?

  • Yes, each invoice is presented in PDF and HTML format. Electronic storage is recommended because it saves paper and has a beneficial impact on our environment, but you can choose to print your bill.

What is AutoPay?

  • AutoPay is a convenient option in which bills will be paid automatically each billing cycle on their due dates using your default credit card or bank account. This will avoid any late fees and free you from having to remember when to pay. Login to your account and click on AutoPay to enroll.

What is Account Linking?

  • Account Linking means that you can link multiple accounts and view and pay all your open bills with a single transaction. When registering bills under the same email address, you are given the option to link the related accounts within the service.
  • Multiple first email notifications scheduled for the same day, including for different bill types, are grouped into one email rather than sent separately. Payment receipts are sent individually. Editing account information such as changing an email or password will go across all linked accounts, however, changing settings such as AutoPay or paperless is only for the accessed account.