Honeysuckle Beach Boat Launch



  • Boat Ramp passes are available for purchase online HERE or at the Honeysuckle Ramp Kiosk.
    • If purchasing online - Ramp sticker will be mailed the next business day.
    • If purchasing at the kiosk - Write your license plate number on the kiosk ticket and leave on the driver's side dash of vehicle. Kiosk ticket can be exchanged for a ramp sticker by filling out the Permit Registration Form and mailing (along with your kiosk ticket) to 8930 N Government Way, Hayden, ID 83835 or by leaving it in our drop box.
  • Honeysuckle Beach Boat Ramp Facility Annual Use Permit may be purchased directly from the kiosk located adjacent to the boat ramp facility, or from Hayden City Hall, Finance Dept.  A daily permit may be purchased at the kiosk only.  These permits are only valid at the Honeysuckle Beach Boat Ramp Facility.
  • If you purchase a daily permit from the kiosk, it cannot be used as a credit toward an annual permit.If an annual permit is purchased at the kiosk, the purchaser must redeem the printed voucher for a vehicle sticker at Hayden City Hall within 30 days of purchase, to avoid being ticketed.  Receipt of purchase and voucher must be brought in at time of redemption.

Current daily boat ramp facility use permit fees:

    • In-State $5
    • Out-of-State $10
    • Watersport/Commercial $10

Note: The permit is good until 11:59 p.m. on the date of purchase, not 24hrs from time of purchase.

Current annual (calendar year) boat ramp facility use permit fees:

    • In-State $40 (First 2 vehicles registered to same household) 
    • Out-of-State $60 (First 2 vehicles registered to same household)
    • Watersport/Commercial $80 per company (First 2 vehicles, $40 for each additional)

To purchase your annual pass online click HERE. We will mail your launch stickers the following business day.

Payment Methods - MC, Visa, Discover, E-Check

  • Two vehicle stickers can be obtained per annual permit fee, as long as both vehicles are registered to the address given at time of purchase/redemption of voucher at Hayden City Hall.  Vehicle registration is required at time of voucher redemption/permit purchase in order to receive annual permit(s).
  • A boat ramp facility use fee shall be collected from the driver of each vehicle that is using the Honeysuckle Beach Boat Ramp Facility.
  • Boat Ramp Facility use fees shall be paid upon entrance to the Honeysuckle Beach parking lot.
  • An annual boat ramp facility use permit may be purchased from the city, which shall authorize a vehicle with that permit attached to the vehicle to use the boat ramp facility providing that the boat ramp facility is open for use at that time.  The amount of the daily ramp facility use fee and annual permit fee shall be set by resolution of the city council.
  • The vehicle shall not be left for more than one-half (1/2) hour during the use of the boat ramp facility without parking the vehicle. (Ord. 573, 6-12-2017)
  • Boat launch permits must be properly displayed to avoid being ticketed (Inside lower left of windshield for annual permits and left side on dash for daily/annual vouchers and clearly visible).


    There shall be a fee waiver of the annual permit for any disabled Hayden resident meeting the qualifications set in the City of Hayden Ordinance No. 573. Disability documentation must be presented in person or by mail to the City of Hayden to be eligible for the waiver.