Recreation and Community Events

Welcome to the City of Hayden's Recreation and Community Events Department.

Our mission is to serve our customers and the citizens of Hayden with outstanding services through a variety of recreational programs, amenities, community events, and park facilities provided by professional employees, reasonable fees, and excellent customer service.

Recreation and Community Events strives to accomplish these goals and objectives by:
  • Creating recreational programs that meet all demographic needs for all seasons
  • Seeking partnerships with both public and private recreation service providers
  • Facilitating active community and special events that are unique and distinct from our sister cities
  • Providing regional recreational facilities for events and tournaments
  • Creating an implementation plan for our bike/pedestrian transportation system to make us a truly connected City through the Parks, Recreation, and Community Forestry Commission

Please see the current Activity Guide for detailed information on all of our programs HERE

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact one of the following staff members:

Suzanne Cano, Recreation and Community Events Director
(208) 209-1088

Lori Cogley, Events/Recreation Coordinator
(208) 209-1081

Jennifer Arrotta, Recreation Coordinator
(208) 209-1083

Jasmine Ward, Administrative Assistant
(208) 209-1080