Mobile Food Establishment Pilot Program


A vendor may register for the Mobile Food Establishment Pilot Program by filling out the Pilot Program Application. This will include proof of liability insurance, valid state and local business registrations, Mobile Food Unit License from Panhandle Health District, proof of inspection from a relevant fire district, commissary agreement, site plan and additional information as identified on the application.


  • Central Business District
  • Light Industrial Zone
  • Commercial Zone
  • City Parks and parks in residential zones (additional permission required)


  • May not be located in public right-of-way
  • Must be 20-feet away from intersections and a minimum 5-feet clear of pedestrian walkways.
  • May park on private streets with the approval of the private street owner(s).
  • May not be located in any of the minimum required parking spaces for the principal use.
  • Must be in an area that has sufficient space for parking, circulation, and pedestrian traffic for all uses on the property.


  • No amplified music or loudspeakers.
  • No drive-thru service.
  • No waste shall be disposed of in city receptacles, tree pits, swales, gutter pans, sidewalk or any other public space. Grease cannot be released into the sewer system.
  • No connections shall be made to City utilities or property without written permission and payment of appropriate fees.
  • Fixed (permanent) mobile food establishments shall not be permitted outside of a city approved mobile food court.
  • A mobile food establishment pilot program registration may be revoked at any time if the health department permit is revoked; violation of federal, state or local laws; failure to maintain insurance; or failure to comply with the terms of the pilot program.


  • The City may inspect a Mobile Food Establishment during regular business hours and at other reasonable times to ensure compliance with this ordinance.
  • Must control smoke, sound, and odors to avoid disturbing surrounding property owners.
  • Signs must not be placed in or alongside the public right-of-way.
  • Exterior lighting is limited to hours of operation, and must be shielded, and directed downwards.
  • Disposal of wastewater may only be performed on site or at an alternate location with a connection approved by the community development department (identified as a commissary).
  • Grease traps or interceptor connections are required for all establishments unless they sell only prepackaged food. A notarized letter of agreement with the commissary or business providing a connection to a grease trap shall be required.
  • Electrical service may only be provided  by an onboard generator or temporary service provided by an approved electric utility.
  • Approved fire department inspection if required.
  • After dispensing products the vendor is responsible for removing and disposing all products or refuse within 20-feet of the mobile food establishment.

The full ordinance can be found by clicking here.

pdf ImageMobile Food Establishment Application & Guide

For questions please contact Elizabeth Allen, Planner, at (208)209-1082 or eallen@cityofhaydenid.us.