City Codes & Ordinances

Hayden City Code Book ImageThe City of Hayden codifies the ordinances passed by the City Council.

This section contains those ordinances adopted by the City as a means of providing prudent management for the community and its citizens.  If you have questions relating to any of the ordinances, please contact the City Clerk at (208) 209-2013.  To view ordinances that have been passed and are already codified as well as ordinances that have been passed and are in the process of being codified, click  HERE  to be directed to the American Legal Publishing Corporation.

Once on the American Legal Publishing Corporation site, you will notice at the end of each chapter, article or section heading a globe icon which when you click on it will bring up a pop-up box with a link to that chapter, article or section.  You can copy and paste this link into your favorites and this will allow you in the future to click on your favorites and bring you right to that location of the City Code.

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Idaho State Code Title 50 Image
The Idaho Code Book picture is linked to Title 50 of the Idaho Code, the law that governs city activities in the State of Idaho.

To visit the general Idaho Code website, click  HERE