Call for Art

Call to Artists
City of Hayden
Arts Commission 

Submission Deadline:

Applications must be received by 5 PM on November 30, 2019 to be considered. 

pdf Image Artist Info & Proposal


The project is open to all artists, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and other creative individuals residing within a 100 miles radius of Hayden regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, or physical or mental disability.  Arts Commission members and selection committee members are not eligible for participation.

Project Intent:

The intent of the project is to invigorate the community by improving aesthetics and defining the character of neighborhoods through public art.  Utility boxes, which are a necessary part of our community infrastructure, can also be canvases for artists when covered with their artwork.  Select box locations in Hayden will be covered with artwork as new utility infrastructure is installed or as funding allows.  The design must integrate all sides of a box. 

All submissions should be digital and must be a minimum size of 36” x 16” at 660 ppi.  Artwork must be original works of art by the submitting artist.  No set theme has been set for this submission.  Artwork, illustrations, photography, and graphic arts submissions will all be considered.  The art may be a new or existing piece submitted by the artist.  It is the artist’s responsibility to check their existing contracts for art currently or potentially in the future on display elsewhere.  Artwork containing advertising, religious art, sexual contact, negative imagery, or artwork that contains political partisanship will be deemed ineligible. 

Artwork Location:

Utility boxes are located in Hayden, Idaho.  The exact location of the utility box will be assigned by the Art’s Commission.  The design will be wrapped around all exposed surfaces of the box.  The fabricator will take the artist’s design and transform them into a vinyl wrap and apply them to the utility boxes. 

Budget and Payment Schedule:

Selected artists will be paid $300 for one utility box regardless of the size of the box.  The fee is payable upon acceptance of the final artwork.  Artists do not fabricate or install the final art on the box. 

Selection Criteria:

Selection criteria to be used for consideration shall include, but not be limited to the following: Artistic quality, context, and diversity. 

Selection Process:

The responses to this Call to Artists will be evaluated by the Arts Commission.  The Commission will meet in November to make a selection.  Once approved by the Arts Commission, the selected artists will be notified.  The selected artist will be required to submit a digital scan of their artwork at a minimum size of 36” x 16” at 600 ppi.  The costs of scanning are borne by the artist. 

Submission Requirements:

An artist may submit up to ten (10) images for consideration.  Please submit the following materials to the address below.  All images must be in a digital format (email or flash drive are acceptable).  Please note that flash drives will need to be scanned by our IT department prior to uploading into the City’s system; therefore, immediate verification of receipt may not be possible.

In addition, artist must complete this “Artist Information and Proposal Form” and submit together with the artwork.

Incomplete or ineligible applications will not be reviewed.  Please do not bind, staple, nor use plastic sheets or presentation folders.  


Please send completed applications with supporting materials to the Arts Commission at:

City of Hayden Arts Commission
c/o Abbi Sanchez, City Clerk
Utility Box Art Submission
8930 N. Government Way
Hayden, ID  83835



Please note, our email server cannot accept emails larger than 20 MB in size.


Submissions not initially selected will be kept on file for future utility box installations unless the artist requests to not be retained on this roster. 

pdf Image Artist Info & Proposal