Downtown Strategic Implementation Plan

The Hayden Urban Renewal Agency, in cooperation with the City of Hayden, completed a Downtown Strategic Implementation Plan with the assistance of the Downtown Solutions Team, a multi-disciplinary consulting team based in Portland, Oregon. The first phase of the project began with a series of public workshops. Throughout the project, the consulting team met community members, businesses and other stakeholders to develop concepts for transitioning the City center’s suburban, strip-style development into a downtown center; to consider architectural design and development standards for the central business district; and, to target strategies for market driven business development and promotion.  The Strategic Implementation Plan built on prior planning work by taking the Vitalization Plan concepts and advancing them to prioritized projects and implementation-based strategies. The process was community based, and involved nearly a dozen public meetings and workshops, along with focus group discussions, one-on-one interviews with business owners, and an on-line community survey.

The final plan, which was approved by City Council and HURA in December of 2007, includes three documents. The “Strategic Implementation Plan” provides a multi-faceted ‘road map’ for the redevelopment of downtown Hayden along Government Way into a pedestrian-friendly village, identifying and prioritizing key projects and activities within the central business district, that will help the community realize that vision. The second document, the “Development & Design Standards for the Central Business District”, serves as guidance for the City’s efforts to develop a Central Business District Overlay within its zoning ordinance, providing detailed suggestions for appropriate land uses and development patterns, and including architectural design standards, that reflect the character, culture and values of the community. The third document, the “Retail Market Analysis & Business Development Plan”, provides an analysis on Hayden’s market area, including compilation demographics and spending patterns of each market segment identified. It identifies gaps in, and opportunities for, successful downtown business development through retention, expansion and recruitment, as well as strategies to realize the retail potential of Hayden’s downtown.

PDFHayden Downtown Strategic Implementation Plan
PDFHayden Retail Market Analysis & Business Development Plan
PDFHayden Central Business District Proposed Design & Development Standards